Vive Therapy Putty (3-oz each)

Vive Therapy Putty (3-oz each)

$ 15.74

Perfect for rehabilitation, physical, or occupational therapy. Therapy putty is used for strengthening the hand muscles, improving fine motor skills, and relieving stress. 

  • Variable stretch resistance putty can be squeezed, pinched, stretched, and twisted to effectively work the hand muscles.

  • Gradually increase hand and grip strength with four distinct levels of resistance putty based on industry standard recovery protocols. Varying from extra soft to firm, each easy to open container holds three ounces of putty.

  • Each three-ounce container of therapy putty is color coded by resistance level for additional convenience. The yellow putty is rated as extra soft, the red putty is soft,  the green is medium, and the blue putty is rated as firm.
  • Composed of an odorless silicone, the therapy putty is non-toxic and latex free. The silicone putty is durable and able to withstand extensive use without graining or seeping.