Tri W-G Bariatric Parallel Bars, Motorized Height and Width Adjustable, 10'

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The Tri W-G Bariatric Motorized Parallel Bars are the result when you combine premium performance, state-of-the-art engineering and innovative design. These parallel bars are built for the comfort, stability and optimum safety of the user with height that’s adjustable, width that’s adjustable and a 1,000 lb. weight capacity. The bars feature a non-skid black mat that helps prevent falls and promotes proper gait, while the included fingertip controls offer individual or simultaneous operation. The platform length is 10’, the width of the platform is 54” and the width between the uprights is 37.5”. Designed for professionals for use in clinics and other multi-user environments. The handrail height adjusts to a range of 25.5" to 39.75" to the top of the bar. The width adjusts to a range of 21.5" to 30.5". Solidly built, the sturdy construction starts with the steel frame and includes a base of 10-gauge steel that’s 1.75" tall. The anodized aluminum handrails have a diameter of 1.625” and feature chromium-plated supports. The non-skid black mat is sized to fit (width and length) your specific model. The steel frame is available in a choice of standard Pearl Gray, or optional Porcelain, finishes. Optional accessories, sold separately, include tapered platform extensions.

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