Togu Challenge Disc

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The Togu Challenge Disc provides balance training for all performance levels and ages. It is used to measure and improve balancing and coordination skills. Every move on the Challenge Disc is being measured by an integrated sensor. The built-in motion sensor transfers measurement data to end-devices using Bluetooth 4.0. The result is shown as a score that was calculated based on how well a user was able to keep the disc in a level position while standing on it. Training at various degrees of difficulty can be conducted in a playful way by selecting games that require the user to perform particular moves. The stable base plate and stand plate with anti-slip coating on the surface provide the necessary safety. Patients and athletes can train independently with the Challenge Disc. They are motivated without needing a trainer to be present and instructing them. The user must download the Challenge Disc app on a computer, tablet or mobile device. The Challenge Disc App takes over the coaching task and permits targeted coordination training for legs, back and core. The app can be downloaded for free.

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