Thumbsavers Classic

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Size: Small Red
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The Thumbsavers Classic is an affordable massage ?tool? that assists any health care practitioner who is utilizing their hands by providing much needed support. Thumbsavers provide the kind of sensitivity and mobility that don?t allow you to ?feel? your client or have a direct ?connection? to them. Many massage tools require a great amount of force to be applied when holding them, and cause strain and fatigue over time. With the Thumbsaver, you will be able to use your fingers in their natural state. Fatigued thumbs, fingers, and carpal tunnel like wrist pain will no longer be a problem while performing deep tissue work. Thumbsavers can be used interchangeably on either hand and does not necessarily have to be used on the thumbs. The Thumbsaver can be used on the middle and index fingers if needed. This Thumbsaver comes in size small and is red in color.

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