Shuttle Mini-Press Lite II

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The Shuttle MiniPress Lite is a portable leg press focused on hips, legs and upper extremities. These are ideal for those recovering and rehabbing from hip replacements, hip fractures, knee replacements, ACL surgery, shoulder displacements and other conditions. The unit offers smooth resistance for flexion and extension rehab or upper and lower body maintenance and rehabilitation exercises. The MiniPress can be used while seated from any type of chair, including a wheelchair, or while standing or supine. Lightweight and small, the MiniPress is ideal for home use or in multi-user environments. The carriage is capable of 14" of distance and the unit includes 3 black and 1 red resistance cord. Changing the resistance level means creating a more customized workout. The maximum resistance is 50 lbs. The Footplate is adjustable from 0 to 75░ and offers 4 positions. This portable unit is only 15 lbs., and has carry handles and wheels, making it easy to move from patient room to patient room. As it measures 13" x 36", storage at the end of the day is simple as well. Resistance may be personalized from 2 to 50 lbs. Comes complete with an illustrated instruction manual which features several exercise protocols. Please note, the resistance cords are made of natural Latex, which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

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