Richmar Laser Module for Winner EVO

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The Winner EVO Laser Module allows cold laser therapy to be added to any Winner EVO Device. Users can easily install this laser module to their Winner Evo device and the device will be upgraded to include two ports of laser capability. This allows users to operate either the Laser Prism and/or the Light Cluster Probe independently. The Winner EVO Laser Module must be purchased in conjunction with and the LaserPrism Tethered Probe (LCT450) where it is easily installed. When used together, these units are designed to offer temporary relief of pain and stiffness, relaxation of muscles, decrease of muscle spasms and decreased pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. LaserPrism features three near-infrared laser diodes for therapeutic applications and a visible LED guide light for attended therapy. As always, low level laser and light therapy (phototherapy) is safe and effective as it uses light energy to temporarily decrease or eliminate pain. It is recommended that both the patient and operator wear safety glasses to block any infrared energy from eyes during treatment. Additionally, this device has been designed for licensed and/or certified healthcare professionals and/or their delegated assistants only.

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