Mettler Ultrasound - Sonicator Plus 941

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The 941-Sonicator Plus is a 4-channel muscle stimulation device with ultrasound. The device is unlike any other stimulating device in the market due to its enhanced technology and design. The stimulation device is designed for treatment including interferential (IF-4) and interferential (IF-2, TENS, microcurrent, Galvanic). The ultrasounds have indications for pain relief, spasm control, and joint contractions. One feature alone sets the 941 apart from any other unit on the market ? The unit allows the clinician to change a parameter on the fly without having to stop or pause a treatment. Once the parameter is changed, the output of that waveform goes into a constant mode allowing the patient to feel the "real time" change. Weighing just under 9 pounds and measuring 13.8: x 10.6? x 5.7?, the device is lightweight and compact and a tremendous combination device for any practice or clinic. The eight clinical waveforms and a dual frequency ultrasound means the Plus 941 is one of the most advanced units on the market. Additionally, four channels provide muscle stimulation while an additional channel provides accurate and precise ultrasound treatment. The device features a touchscreen display that is easy to read and makes setup efficient and easy. It also includes a full anatomical library of electrode placement and treatment recommendations. The available memory permits storage of up to 200 treatment setups with a description of each, which means quicker and easier treatments.

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