Mettler Ultrasound - Sonicator Plus 921

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The Sonicator Plus 921 is a 2-channel muscle stimulator with ultrasound for precise and accurate treatment for patients by licensed medical professionals. Sonicator Plus combination therapy units combine ultrasound with electrical stimulation in one compact package. Multiple stimulation waveforms and dual frequency applicators for therapeutic ultrasound have been included in these units to increase their utility. This unit is a two-channel combination unit for therapeutic ultrasound and muscle stimulation. The Sonicator Plus 921 lets clinicians get treatments set up quickly through either the membrane panel, the touch-sensitive screen or by using one of the 90 available memory slots where treatment was already pre-programmed. The unit permits clinicians to utilize up to two different waveforms using two channels simultaneously. Additionally, interferential and premodulated waveforms offer frequency modulation as well as a static frequency option. This device can also provide electrical stimulation only, ultrasound only and combination therapy with the premodulated, TENS, high voltage, microcurrent and DC waveforms.

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