Kichwit Adjustable Jar Opener Kichwit Adjustable Jar Opener

Kichwit Adjustable Jar Opener

$ 10.49

Simply slide the white handle along the beam until the jaws touch both sides of the lid, squeeze the handle and turn it anticlockwise while holding the jar. Easily open stubborn jar lids with a simple twist.
  • Easily opens 3/8" to 4" jar and bottle lids.
  • This tool allows you to open a wide range of jars and bottles. It works great for most jam and jelly jars, and also can be adjusted to fit a smaller size such as coke bottles.
  • Featuring all metal construction, sturdier and more durable than other jar openers, and it won't break or become deformed.
  • It comes with a free bonus bottle opener key chain. The key chain bottle opener is made from aluminium alloy. Easy to take anywhere you go since it’s small and lightweight.