BOSU NexGen Pro Balance Trainer

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Title: Balance/
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The BOSUáNexGen Pro Balance Trainer has a textured design that is all about functionality and using it in the most effective way possible. The extra strength, dually over-molded platform has a smooth, non-skid base. The textured markings allow for precise body positioning as well as cueing for cardio, agility, strength, and core balance and mobility exercises. With this balance trainer you can do everything you can normally do with a regular dome balance trainer. Including but not limited to: dome push-ups, jump stick and turn, and single leg balance and reflective training. With the improved design, the BOSUáNexGen Pro allows you to do new exercises such as the lateral over the dome and walk over push-ups. Includes a dual action hand pump, and owner?s manual. Available in blue with a light grey rim.

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