Chattanooga CUBE 4 - high power laser kit, includes standard accessories

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The Chattanooga CUBE 4 is a laser therapy system that provides pain relief and promotes deep tissue penetration without added heat. This non-opioid treatment alternative is used to aid patients with acute or chronic pain and inflammation. The CUBE 4 features 4 wavelengths (20 W ISP-15W-CW) and a standard lens. The LCD, high-definition, full-color screen offers excellent visibility even with strong ambient light. Use the laser for stimulating and promoting tissue growth and repair at the cellular level. The device's compactness and light weight (under 3 lbs), allows therapists to perform treatments wherever they choose. Included with the standard accessories are the Zoom Optical, Distal piece, Optical Fiber, Goggles and Dark Goggles.

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