Baseline Poly-Functional Hand Evaluation Set - Load Cell - Research Model

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COMING SOON. Baseline Poly-Functional load cell dynamometer kit features a hand dynamometer, pinch gauge and goniometer in a portable carrying case. The hand dynamometer and pinch gauge have an adjustable 5-position handle accommodates all hand sizes for accurate and repeatable pinch measurements. Results and live test data are displayed on large oLED display. Battery operated. The standard model is for clinic use. The deluxe model for workers comp, FCE (functional capacity evaluation) and research applications. Data is stored for instant recall. The instruments are Bluetooth enabled. The maximum (peak) value is shown for each scan. The average (mean), standard deviation (SD) and coefficient of variation (CV) are calculated and displayed for each series of scans. Results can toggle from lb to kg. The exertion and rest times are set by user. Testing Protocols include (clinic and research): 1 Quick Test: maximum (peak) scan value; 2 GST (General Strength) Test: 3 consecutive scans at the same grip level. Additional tests available on research model include: 3 RET (Rapid Exchange) Test: requires 6 consecutive scan at the same grip level alternating hands between each scan; 4 MVE (Maximum Voluntary Effort) Test: 5-grip position test requires 5 scans, one at each grip level; 5 MMVE (Modified Maximum Voluntary Effort) Test: 5-grip position test requires 5 scans, one at each group level; 6 Fatigue Test: requires 1 extended time scan. Permits comparison of total work (strength exerted) over two or more user defined time periods.

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