Baseline Hand Dynamometer - HD - 200 lb Capacity

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The Baseline HD Dynamometer is the ideal device to measure grip and hand strength as well as evaluate patients with hand trauma or dysfunction. This dynamometer provides accurate grip strength readings without the subject being able to ?feel? the hand move. Easy to operate as the 2.5? diameter dial gives results in both lbs. and kg. Additionally, the maximum reading remains visible until the unit is reset. This unit is solid, sturdy, durable and lightweight (less than 5 lbs.) and will last for years, making it a favorite of clinics and physical therapists. The Baseline HD Dynamometer comes in black and is made in the USA. The five-position handle and body yield results that are consistent with published Baseline and Jamar studies. The Baseline Dynamometer has a 200 lb. capacity and is easy to travel and store as the device comes in a protective carrying case. Baseline Products have been a trusted name in measurement and evaluation instruments all over the world since 1974. If you have ever received therapy after an injury, you have probably had your progress tested and measured with a Baseline measurement instrument.This dynamometer features a 5-year warranty.

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